Qigong works with the body’s energy, or Qi.  We have many energy channels in our body.  They each serve a different purpose and encompass different organs and parts of the body.  When energy becomes blocked, pain or sickness or other health problems may occur because Qi cannot flow freely to the areas of the body where it’s needed.  Some of the things that can cause these energy blockages are:

  • emotions  (such as stress, anger, fear, anxiety, depression, grief, etc.)
  • nutrition
  • changes in the weather or seasons
  • environment
  • wrong medication
  • injury

When we look at our Western medicine and how it could be used to treat these health problems, we see that there are a few weak points:

  • It is not always preventive
  • It deals primarily with symptoms and not the actual cause
  • It focuses mainly on the physical body and not the emotional and spiritual dimensions
  • There can be adverse side effects (such as with drugs and surgery)
  • It can be very costly
  • It can cause us to be more passive instead of active in our own healing

Our Western medicine is not bad medicine.  It has helped millions of people, including myself.  But it is not the only option we have.  Meditation, prayer, Qigong, and other forms of energy medicine can be extremely effective as complementary medicine along with whatever health regimen you are on.  And science has proven that these complementary forms of medicine can not only help us on the road to recovery much quicker, but can also help prevent health issues.

We were all created with this amazing healing power within us called LOVE. It’s the driving life force energy in all humans, and the greatest healer known.  In Qigong this life force energy is known as Qi.  We can have energy blockages at any or all of the three dimensions of our holistic being of body, mind, and spirit that can keep this healing movement of love, or Qi, from flowing freely within us.

Absolutely everything in the universe is energy.  Einstein proved that energy cannot be created or destroyed.  But it can be transformed.  With Spring Forest Qigong we simply use ourselves as a vessel in which this energy of love (which I personally refer to as God) can break up and transform blockages in order to heal and restore holistic health in ourselves and others. It is simply working with energy and the natural healing abilities we were all born with in order to lead a balanced life. And isn’t a balanced life what we all strive for and desire?

To find out more about the amazing ways that Qigong and/or the incredible power of guided imagery meditation can help you personally on the road to optimal health and balance, please click on any of the links at the top of this page.  There are NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS to any of these healing modalities so you have absolutely nothing to lose, but so much to gain.